Should I remodel or should I sell?
This sometimes difficult decision should be considered cautiously with attention to several key variables, such as real estate comparables, remodeling activity in your neighborhood, the desirability of your neighborhood because of good schools, shopping, tolerable traffic, etc., and the net cost to you if you buy a larger and more expensive home elsewhere.

Occasionally, the price tag for a significant renovation is the motivation to hit the real estate ads and weekend open houses looking for that perfect house that doesn't need a major remodeling job. However, before you run, you should check with a trusted real estate agent on the value of your home after the renovation; it's often better to remodel and keep your neighbors and the kids' schools than to buy a more expensive house elsewhere.

Most of us don't want to own the most expensive house on the street, but if your long-term plans allow you to stay several years, a custom renovation is more likely to make financial sense and give you the environment that works for your family.